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Math Crossword Puzzle Maker - Free Printable Worksheets

    Math crossword puzzle maker

    The Math crossword puzzle maker creates dynamically math crossword puzzles. They are number crosswords which are a great way for kids to practice addition, subtraction, division and multiplication problems. With this online math crossword puzzle maker you are able to create your math crossword within seconds. Choose the size of the puzzle, choose one or several arithmetic operators. Click on the button 'create new crossword puzzle'. The program will generate a new puzzle and then you are ready to download the printable worksheet. The pdf file contains two pages. One page contains only the puzzle and the second page has the solution. The largest number in the puzzle has 5 digits which makes the crossword puzzle not suitable for the lower grades. The worksheet contains two pages. The first page contains the puzzle with the clues, while the second page has also the answers.

    You can create an unlimited number of math crossword puzzles and every one is unique.

    Create a printable math crossword puzzle

    Size of the puzzle:
    Choose arithmetic operators:
    1:13739 + 16488
    4:209 + 294
    6:212 + 361
    7:44 + 53
    8:106 + 138
    9:2609 + 3914
    12:362 + 436
    15:17 + 21
    16:41309 + 53702
    18:1882 + 3200
    19:42099 + 54730
    21:3228 + 5490
    23:38159 + 57240
    1:14211 + 18476
    2:9549 + 15279
    3:31 + 44
    4:2231 + 3125
    5:15 + 24
    10:196 + 334
    11:127 + 154
    13:3866 + 5414
    14:30 + 49
    17:194 + 234
    18:203 + 368
    19:381 + 534
    20:252 + 431
    22:35 + 44
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