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Free printable Divide Sudoku maker

Make your own printable Divide Sudoku puzzle. Divide Sudoku is a combination of an arithmetic and logic puzzle. The rules are the same as sudoku, but you get clues. The clues are printed in the grid.

These are the rules:
1. The numbers you can use are from 1 to 9.
2. In each row and in each column each number can appear only once just like in a normal Sudoku.
3. In a region (an area of 3x3 fields see the bold lines) each number can only appears once.
4. In some cells you get a clue. Use the answer of the clue to finish the puzzle..

To create your printable Divide Sudoku puzzle is extremely easy. Select how many fields in the puzzle should be printed with a clue. And then you click on download the Divide Sudoku puzzle. It will create a pdf file for you. This pdf file contains 2 pages, one page is the puzzle and the second page contains the answer sheet.

Every Divide Sudoku puzzle is dynamically created. Therefor every puzzle is unique and you can download as many puzzle as you need.

Create your Divide Sudoku puzzle

Visible fields in the puzzle:
preview worksheet Divide Sudoku