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Make your own printable Secret Code message.

Type your secret message in the textbox. Or if you are looking for inspiration, you can also type one or more keywords in the 'Type keywords to search for phrases:' box. The website will try to find some phrases with these keywords. Copy the saying into the textbox for the sentence. When you type or copy the message, the website will generate the secret code.
The students need to decipher the code. To help them they also get in the bottom of the worksheet a code key table where they can find which symbol represent which letter.

As usual the solution is also provided in the worksheet.

Create your Secret Code puzzle

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List of Secret Code puzzles
Click on one of the puzzles to load the words in the Secret Code page.
Never give up!
Dont stop
The jungle book 2
Martin luther king jr
Harry potter secret code
Rainbow of colors
Above the influence
Wwii code breaker #2
A punny joke
Wwii code breaker #1
Dalai lama
Native american tribes
Mistakes are okay
Groundhog day
Nelson mandela
Famous quotes
Winston churchill
Who cracked the german code in world war 2
Take note
Phases of matter
Wwii code breaker #5
Thought of the day
Eleanor roosevelt
Stop complaining
Monster truck
Book joke
Wwii code breaker #4
Albert einstein
Wwii code breaker #6
Wwii code breaker #3
Service to self
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