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Decoder games free to download

All the decode programs generates the papers with a secret message for the students and the teacher. First the teacher has to type the secret message. The program generates the coded message and print them. You can use the phrases you have used in your class. This makes these programs very flexible.

These games are a good activity to practice new learned words. These games are controlled activitiesand are easy to use. The students will have a lot of fun practising the new vocabulary.


the logo for the sentence game shifter.
The students have to decode the shifted message, with the help of the shift code. All characters in the message have been shifted a certain number of characters in the alphabet.
Download the educational game shifterShow the example of the educational game shifter


The logo for the sms game
The students have to decipher sms messages or words. They only have the digits of the keys that where pressed on the mobile phone to text this message or the words.