Free gap fill maker

    How to use the gap fill puzzle maker?

    Click in the big white area (the editor) of the page. Here you can start typing your text. Or you can copy your text from your word processor of a webpage. Then paste the text in the editor. The next step is to create the ‘gaps’. You can create the gaps by double or right click on a word in the text. This word will now be printed in gray and the word is placed in the word bank. When you double or click on a word that is already gray, it will be printed in black and the word is removed from the word bank.

    The word bank

    The word bank contains all the words you have selected in your text. Normally the word bank is printed on the worksheet to give your student a bit of help when solving the gap fill puzzle. But when you select the option empty, then the word bank will not be printed.
    The next option is shuffled. This options will jumble the words in the word bank. It will give your students just a little bit more help. They will need to un-jumble the words before they can use them.
    The last option is Lower case. It will print all the words in the word bank in lower case letters.

    Options for the gaps in the text

    Show first letter. This will make the gap fill puzzle much easier to solve. The first letter of each word will be printed in the gaps.
    All gaps have equal length. This option makes the gaps in the text all the same. The app will use the gap of the longest gap/word. Your student cannot guess the word to count the letters of the word.
    The gap space is the same as the word. The gap space is the actual space of the word that should be placed in the gap. This makes it easier to solve the gap fill puzzle. A small gap means that should be a small word in this gap.

    Create a gap fill puzzle

    Word Bank
    Options for the gaps in the text Show first letter in the gaps.


    What is this?

    Terms of use of the edu games.

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    2. It is strictly forbidden to modify the worksheets in any way.
    3. You can place an image of the worksheet on a website, but you have to place clearly and close to the image a link to
    4. It is forbidden to place the worksheet as a pdf file on a website.
    5. You are allowed to use the worksheets (as pdf) in a closed environment for teaching purposes, as such Google's Classroom. As long as the school or institution is free for the students and that they have free access to the worksheets.
    6. There are no limitations on the numbers of worksheets you can create and download.
    7. You give the edu games website the permission to use your created puzzles. Your puzzle will be checked and if it is suitable for other users it will be published on the website.
    8. It is forbidden to embed into an i-frame of another website.