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Free gap fill maker

How does the gap fill maker works? First you can if you want to type a title for the puzzle. Type or copy 1 or more sentences in the lower editbox. Click on the 'add sentence' button. The sentences will be copied into the field 'gap fill text'. You can after this add more sentences. When you have all the sentences in the 'gap fill text', you can create the gaps. You just click on the words where you want the gaps. When you want the word back in the sentence, you just click in the gap space and the word will come back. If you want to edit or delete a sentence in the 'gap fill text', you just right click on the sentence. A popup will come where you can change the sentence.

In the 'gap fill words' box are the words that has to be filled in the text. You can change the order of the words by clicking on the the shuffle button. Also you can convert all the words to lower case letters to make it a little more difficult.

Finally there are 3 options for the text of the gaps. The first option is to show the first letter of the word in the gap. The second option is to make the space of the gap all the same. And the third option is that you can see the length of the word in the gaps.

Create a gap fill puzzle

gap fill words:
Lower case.
gap fill text:
Include solution page in the pdf.
Options of the gaps in the text.

Show first letter.
All gaps has equal length.
Show spaces in gaps.
List of gap fill puzzles