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Sentence bricks

Can you rebuild the wall? Place the bricks in the correct position to rebuild the wall. If you do this, you also find out what was written on the wall.The sentence is broken down into separate bricks. There are 3 letters (including spaces, commas, dots etc.) written on every brick. The goal is to build up the wall again in the correct order. Then it will reveal the sentence.

This game is a little more difficult then when on each brick a whole word is written. Because the students can easily read all the words of the sentence. In this game the students can't read the whole words. This is an extra challenge for the students.

You can type your sentence in the textbox or type one or more keywords. The website will search in the database for sayings with your keywords. The sayings are displayed in the box below. Then copy and paste the saying of your choice in the sentence textbox.

The worksheets are dynamically created, there for you can download an unlimited number of worksheet and it is all for free.

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Per Row
Whole Wall
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