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Sentence scrambler

It has never been so easy to create a sentence scramble puzzle with the free sentence scramble maker. There are lot of free puzzles you can choose from and still you are able to add sentences or modify the list. But if you want to use your own vocabulary, no problem. You can type your own sentences in the list. You can change the degree of difficulty. With this option you decide how many percent of the words in the sentence will be shuffled.

When a sentence is not scrambled well, you can double click on the sentence in the scrambled box and only this sentence will be scrambled again. Or If you want to scramble all the sentences in the list, then click on the button 'Scramble All Sentences'.

You can remove all diacritics from the sentences. This makes it a bit more difficult to rebuild the sentences.

I hope you like the free sentence scrambler. If you do, please share it with you friends

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