Alphabet Maze Maker with different fonts

    Make your own alphabet maze. It is very easy. There are several predefined mazes, so if you don't like the current maze, no problem. Click on the button 'Create new Maze' and a new maze is loaded. Change the font of the maze to make it more challenging for your kids. When you chosse for a new font, it can take a couple of seconds for loading the font. If nothing happens, try to click on the show solution button. This will draw the maze again and if the font is loaded it will use the new font. Normally when the font is loaded the page will automatically redraw the maze. But this technic is not working well on Microsoft IE and Edge.

    There two options to make it easier or more difficult for the kids to find the alphabet path.

    Fill maze with random letters
    By default when the path comes to a crossing, all paths will continue with the next letter of the alphabet.It is harder to find the path, but they see everry time the correct order of the alphabet. To make it easier to find the path, you can turn on the switch 'Fill maze with random letters', then at a crossing the 'wrong' paths will not continue with the order of the alphabet.

    Reverse Alphabet
    when you turn on the Reverse Alphabet, then the path goes from 'z' to 'a'.

    Create your alphabet maze

    Select language:
    Select font for the maze:
    Font family:
    Fill maze with random letters
    Reverse Alphabet
    Letter Case:

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