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    Codeword puzzle maker to make free printable worksheets

    A codeword is a completed crossword grid where each letter of the alphabet has been substituted for a number from 1-26. There will be at least one occurrence of each letter of the alphabet. Certain letters are given as starters. The solver must decipher the rest of the code to discover the words in the completed puzzle.

    A puzzle needs all letters of the alphabet

    In order to solve the codeword puzzle all letters should be in the grid. When you generate the puzzle it will check if all letters are used. If not the program will select words from the English dictionary to complete the puzzle. You can easily identify those words. These words will have a yellow background in the column 'words'. Please check if these words are appropriate for your students. If you don't want to use a word, you can just remove it from the list and generate a new puzzle.

    Starting letters

    In order to solve the codeword puzzle, you need to provide starting letters. The program will choose a word as starter. The starting word(s) have a light green background in the list. You can change these word(s) by right clicking on the word. Normally a 3 letter word will be used as starter.


    Please check if the words provided by the program are appropriate for your students. if a word is not suitable, please remove it from the list and generate a new puzzle.

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