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Free Crossword Maker for Kids - The Puzzle Maker

Make your own crossword puzzles with the free crossword maker. Fill in the words and the clues and let the puzzle maker creates crossword. You can use the vocabulary of the level of your students, which makes this the perfect tool to use in your classroom. Then you can download the pdf file, which you can print for your kids. Or select one of the saved games. After loading the words and clues you are able to make changes.

The free crossword maker has a database with words and clues. When you type a word and this is found in the database, it will provide you the clue. You can always override this clue and write your own.

In the Game description you can give instructions for solving the puzzle.
In the Clue description you can type a text about the theme of the puzzle.

You can choose not to print the puzzle, but let your students solve your crossword puzzle online. Click on the 'Download Excel' button. This will give you your puzzle in an Excel file. Let your students go to the 'online games' (you can find this in the menu) section and choose for 'Crossword Online'. There they can upload your excel and solve the crossword puzzle on the computer or tablet.

When you create your own crossword puzzle, I will save your puzzle. If the puzzle is suitable for other users, I will add your crossword puzzle to the game list, so other people can use it in the crossword puzzle maker.

Create your crossword puzzle with the puzzle maker

Crossword puzzle title:
Crossword description:
Clue description:
Include solution page in the pdf.
Excel export/import

List of crossword puzzles

Click on one of the puzzles to load the words in the crossword maker.