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play crosswords online

Choose one of the many saved puzzles at the bottom of the page, or upload an excel file created with the crossword maker or any other word games with clues.

How can you play a crossword online?

First load a game or upload an excel file. The page will create the puzzle; this can take a couple of seconds. When the crossword puzzle is created, you will see the puzzle grid and the clues are loaded on the page. Click on one of the clues; the clue will be highlighted (yellow background) and the position in the grid will also be highlighted and you see the cursor blinking at the start of the word. You can immediately start typing the word. Or you can type the word below the crossword puzzle grid "type puzzle word". When you type the direct in the grid, you cannot use accents etc. These can be typed in the editbox below the grid. If you only want to type just one letter of the word, then you just click on the position of this letter and type it.
When you click with your mouse in the crossword puzzle grid, the word will be highlighted, but also the clue on the left side of the screen.

When you have no idea what the crossword word is, you can click on the location of the word in the crossword puzzle grid. When you click on the button "hint", you get a random letter from the word.

Play online crossword puzzle

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Excel import

List of crossword puzzles

Click on one of the puzzles to load the words in the play crossword online.