Letter Maze Maker with different fonts

Make your own letter maze. It is very easy. First type the letter you want to practice. Then you can adjust the size of the maze, the option are 10,12,14 and 16. After the size, you can choose if the letter in the maze are lowercase, uppercase or random. When you choose random then the letters in the maze have mixed lettercases. This will be extra challeging for the kids. And last but not least, you can choose between several diverent font families. This can be even more challeging. The beginning of the maze is indicatted with an image of a pointing finger and the end is the treasure! When you choose for a new font, it can take a couple of seconds for loading the font. If nothing happens, try to click on the show solution button. This will draw the maze again and if the font is loaded it will use the new font. Normally when the font is loaded the page will automatically redraw the maze. But this technic is not working well on Microsoft IE and Edge.

Create your letter maze

Letter to practice:
Size of MazeGrid:
Letter Case:

Select font for the maze:
Font family:
Include solution page in the pdf.
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