Free word search maker with clues

    Free word search maker with clues. This game is more challenging than wordsearch. The students don't get the word search words, but they get clues to find the words in the puzzle.

    Make your own word search puzzle with clues. With this word search puzzle maker you can create or your own puzzle or load an existing puzzle. This game is a varation of the famous word search game. But in this game the player gets the descriptions of the words that are hidden in the puzzle. With these clues they can find the words in the puzzle. You can change the size of the puzzle and the directions of how the words are placed in the puzzle. Add a small description of the puzzle. Then click on download the puzzle. It will take a second before your printable pdf file is created.

    When you have created your own word search puzzle, we save your puzzle. After checking the puzzle there is a chance that we will added it in puzzle list.

    Create your word search puzzle with clues

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    Select the directions of the words in the puzzle.
    directions for the search words

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