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Measuring with a ruler

These worksheets have 9 measure problems on the sheet. These worksheets are ideal to practice to measure with a ruler. The rulers are printed, so no need for rulers in the classroom. You have the possibility to set the units you need; metric, inches and inches and feet. When you select the metric system, you have set the Degree of difficulty. You can set the accuracy from centimeters, half centimeters to millimeters. When you select inches you have the options from 1 inch until 1/16 inch.

The worksheets are created dynamically, therefor you can create an unlimited number of measuring with a ruler worksheets.

Create your measuring worksheet.

Select units of the ruler:
inches only
foot and inches
Inch interval:
1 inch
1/2 inch
1/4 inch
1/8 inch
1/16 inch
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