Free word pyramid puzzle maker

    Create easily your word pyramid puzzle and download the free pdf worksheets. The rules are simple, but the game is very challenging. The goal is to find all the words in the pyramid. You start at the top, the first word is given. Then go one step down and you need to find the next word. This word is 1 character longer and must contain all the letters from the word above. It sounds easy, but it can be very difficult to solve the pyramid.
    To make the game a little bit easier for the players, you have to option to add clues for the missing words or you can print one or more letters of the words.

    How to create a word pyramid puzzle?

    First select the length of the longest word, which will be the word in the bottom of the pyramid. To create the puzzle you start on the bottom row of the pyramid and then you work your way up. When your kids are solving the puzzle, they work from the top to the bottom. Click in the first stone on the bottom row of the pyramid. This is also the only row that is not grey-out. You can start typing your word. When you have typed your word, press enter to go to the next row. When you have pressed enter, the app is trying to find a clue for your word. When you have filled in all the letters, you will see that the next row is not grey-out any more. When you type the word on the next row, you will notice that you only can use letters that are used in the word in previous row. The app will just refuse the letters that are not valid. Work your way op to the top of the pyramid. You can save or download the puzzle when all the stones are filled in and have a white or yellow background color. This means it is a valid puzzle.

    The app can find words for you.

    Click in a row of the pyramid. Then click on the button ‘search for words’. This option will try to find a valid word for your puzzle. It looks at the word in the row below for which letters it can use. It also looks at the first letters in the row. If the first letter in the row is for example an ‘a’ and the second a space, then the app will find all possible words that starts with an ‘a’. It will use all the letters typed in the form the left until it finds a space. For example you already typed ‘ana’ and then a space, it will find all possible words starting with ‘ana’. Double click on a word in the search list to place it in the pyramid puzzle. And the clue will filled in.

    The clues

    It can be very difficult to solve word pyramid puzzle. Clues can be very helpful to solve the puzzle. When the pyramid puzzle is complete and valid, you can work on the clues. Most likely most of the clues have been filled in by the app. You can add the missing clues or adjust the given clues.

    The different background colors in the pyramid puzzle:

    White: You can select this stone and type a letter in it. If it already has a letter, it means it is valid.
    Grey: The row below this stone is not complete.
    RED: This is stone has an invalid letter. Therefore this puzzle is not valid. You cannot save or download it.
    YELLOW: When you right click on a stone it toggle between yellow and white. When you download the puzzle the letters in the stones with a yellow will be visible for your kids. It makes the puzzle easier for them to solve it.

    Word Pyramid Maker

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