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Missing operators |

    Missing operators, an excellent arithmetic practicing game.

    The game is simple. On the worksheet you find several arithmetic sums. But the operators are not provided. The goal is to find the correct operators. You can control the difficulty level of the sums. You can create sums without or with parentheses. The sums without parentheses are the more easy sums. There is no problem with the operator priority. The sums are straight forward, while the sums with parentheses are difficult. The kids needs to use the parentheses to solve the solve. You have the option to not print or print the sums with the parentheses. Of course it will be a real challenge for your studens when you don't print the parentheses.

    The worksheets are dynamically created, therefor you can download an unlimited number of worksheets and it is all for free.

    Create your Missing Operators worksheet.

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