Sentence games generators free to download

On this page you will find all our free sentence games. All the games are small programs that generates easy and fast printable worksheets. You don't have to install the programs, just copy them in a folder and run it. The games are worksheet generators, so no computers are required in the classroom.

decoder games

On this page you will find all kinds of games related to decode secret messages. The students must decode the messages with the help of the decoder key.

fallen phrase

The letters of a phrase have fallen of the board. The letters are printed under the board in the correct column. The task of the student is the find the correct row on the board for the letters to reconstruct the saying.

gap fill

A gap-fill is a practice exercise in which learners have to replace words missing from a text. These words are chosen and removed in order to practise a specific language point. The game has some options to make it more difficult or easier.

paragraph scrambler

The paragraph scrambler will scramble all the paragraphs your enter. The students have to write the correct line number in front of all the sentences. The order of the paragraphs stays the same.

secret code

The students have to decode the secret message, with the help of the code key. The message is printed in all kinds of symbols.

sentence bricks

Can you rebuild the wall? Place the bricks in the correct position to rebuild the wall. If you do this, you also find out what was written on the wall.The sentence is broken down into separate bricks. There are 3 letters (including spaces, commas, dots etc.) written on every brick. The goal is to build up the wall again in the correct order. Then it will reveal the sentence.

sentence scrambler

Enter your sentences and set the degree of difficulty. The sentence scrambler will scramble all the sentences and create a free worksheet.