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Word games generators free to download

On this page you will find all our free word games. All the games are small programs that generates easy and fast printable worksheets. You don't have to install the programs, just copy them in a folder and run it. The games are worksheet generators, so no computers are required in the classroom.

communicative crossword

The Split Crossword generates communicative crosswords for use in pair work. Each of the pair get the same crossword puzzle. But for 1 the across words are filled. The student has to write down the clues for the words in the puzzle. While the other student has to do the same for down words. When they both has finished writing the clues. They give only the clues to each other. And with each others clues they have to finish the split crossword puzzle.

crossword maker

Make your own crossword puzzle online. Fill in the words and the clue and let the webpage generate the crossword puzzle. Then you can download the pdf file, which you can print for your students. Or select one of the saved games. After loading the words and clues you are able to make changes.


The daisy game is a variation of a word shuffle game. The leafs of the daisy contains the letters to form a word. But all the leafs are missing one letter. This letter is used in every word ans is placed the middle of the daisy.

decoder games

On this page you will find all kinds of games related to decode secret messages. The students must decode the messages with the help of the decoder key.

hidden word puzzle maker

The students have to fill in the crossword with the help of the clues, provided by the teacher. When they completed the puzzle, they will find the hidden word in the bold rectangles..

word bingo

The Bingo game is a variant of the well known bingo. This variant is uses word instead of numbers. You can use your own vocabulary which targets your students. The program will create all the bingo cards for the students.
The bingo games are controlled practice activities to help students recognize, match and remember vocabulary items, and to improve listening skills.

word bingo clues

Syno Bingo is a variant of the word-bingo game. In this game the teacher has a list of words, while the students have the synonyms on the cards. Or the teacher have questions and the students have the answers in their bingo card.

word fit

Word Fill In as a variation on the normal crossword puzzle. Instead of a list of clues, the player gets already the answers. But there are no numbers where the words has to be placed in the puzzle. The player has to try to fit all the words into the puzzle.

word ladder

The student is given a start word and an end word. In order to win the game, the student must change the start word into the end word progressively, creating an existing word at each step. Each step consists of replacing a single letter and changing the order of the letters.

word pyramid

The student have to fill in a pyramid with words. You need as a teacher to fill in for every step of the pyramid a clue. With this clue the students can fill in the word. But the game is an anagram, which means for the next step/answer the student must use all the letters from the previous answer and add one extra letter. The word pyramid games comes with a dictionary. When you select a word for a step in the pyramid the program will automatically search for correct words for the next step. And you are able to type word if it is not in the dictionary. The game can be difficult for the students. Therefor you have the option to fill in some letters in the pyramid to make it easier.

word scrabble

Word Scrabble is a game to construct words. Type your words you want to practice with you students. The site will create the scrabble tiles. Scoring the game can be done on the most words, most letters or letter value.

word scramble

It has never been so easy to create a word scramble puzzle. Choose a puzzle from the list or fill in your vocabulary. You have control over how many letters in a word can be switched. There for this tool is very useful for every grade.

word scramble with clues

It has never been so easy to create a word scramble puzzle. Choose a puzzle from the list or fill in your vocabulary. You have control over how many letters in a word can be switched. You can enter clues for every word to make it easier for your students.

word search maker

Make your own word search puzzle with the online word search puzzle maker. Or choose an existing puzzle from the game list. Then you can download the pdf file to download the printable worksheet

word search with clues

The word search with clues maker is a program that generates a word search puzzle. But the words are not given, instead the descriptions of the words are given. The player needs to find the words with the help of the descriptions.

word sudoku

Word Sudoku is like the classic sudoku, but the numbers has been replaced by words. This makes it a little bit more difficult.

word wheel online

Use the online word wheel maker to create your printable worksheets. The goal of a word wheel puzzle is to create as many words possible with the letters in the word wheel. You can only use each letter once and every word must have the letter in the center of the wheel.

word zigzag

Word ZigZag is a fun word search game that is very similar to Boggle. The objective is to find as many words as you can from adjoining letters. The letters can run vertically, horizontally or zigzag ...